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Most of us, even the ones who are not overly health conscious tend to think a little bit about the food choices that we make. However, irrespective of the efforts that we make there could be a number of environmental factors that work against us health wise. Modern lifestyles have indeed added to this quandary as we slowly but surely move towards a convenience based lifestyle. Our bodies our exposed to toxic compounds that are prevalent in almost everything today. And one of the most popular source is the cookware that we use.

The most commonly available cookware today is with PTFE coating or the non-stick type, also known as Teflon coated. The materials used to create this sort of cookware are very toxic and resilient, in how they react with your body as well as how they react with the environment. When exposed to heat, this kind of cookware it releases a chain of chemical compounds that can be linked to various health problems like infertility in women, thyroid, organ damage and reproductive as well as developmental problems. These compounds could also be carcinogens, and even despite all these warnings, they are being freely sold in the market place.

What can you use instead:

Today, if you walk down the cookware isle, you will notice a budding trend in ceramic cookware. The surface is non sticky, and there is no trace of anything harmful.

Cast Iron
Cast iron cookware too offers to be a healthy alternative, offering a variety of advantages over the Teflon coated counterparts. It’s easy to clean, rugged and when used correctly, it can prove to be non sticky too.

Heatproof Glass
Baked dishes can be cooked in glass well. So choose to do your baking in heatproof glass cookware instead of Teflon coated bake wear.

Other alternatives that you can use to keep your life free of these harmful toxic compounds include stonewear and stainless steel. All these are easily available, so you do not have to be worry about being lost.

Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can combine your new cooking technique with natural foods to stay healthy.


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