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Growing old does not mean that you will develop achy joints, you will lose your libido, you will become cynical and grumpy, in fact there are ways and means of avoiding all the above by just paying attention to good health, a good diet and a good lifestyle. Below listed are a few myths that are not true!

Myth1: Achy and Creaky Joints are Unavoidable
It is not age that gives way to creaky and achy joints but not exercising that makes way for this. People who are more physically active are less likely to develop arthritis.

Myth 2: Fragile bones and bent posture
Osteoporosis is not a certain condition, it can be prevented. Paying attention to one’s diet and exercising regularly can indeed help prevent the onslaught of this condition. Consuming foods that help in making bones stronger can indeed help.

Myth 3: Death of the Libido
Reduce libido and impotence can be as easily avoided as condition like heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. The answer is easy; keep yourself in shape by getting plenty of exercise. Lift a few weights a week, a couple of time and you can indeed improve your sex life.

Myth 4: Genes Decide How You Age!
Note True! You may be born with the healthiest set of genes, but how you live your life will determine how you age. One’s genes can be altered by the food one eats, by the amount of physical activity one gets and one’s exposure to chemicals.

Myth 5: You Lose Your Creativity As You Age
This is not necessary. It is known that people who stay active and participate in creative activities like being in the choir fell ill less and used less medication as well. These activities help people feel less lonely and allow them to have a brighter outlook towards life.

Myth 6: Brain development stops after 3
The brain sends out new connections that strengthen existing connections all through one’s life. All that it needs is to be challenged.It is indeed the body’s ultimate muscle.

Myth 7: The Brain becomes smaller as you Age
It is not age but chronic stress that leads to shrinking of the hippocampus, a part of the brain that controls one’s memory.

If you wish to lead a long and healthy life, it is indeed important to eat well and exercise plenty. Meet with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods can make you happy and healthy so that you can live well and enjoy your golden years. Also meeting with a Homeopath could help you learn how you can keep your body and mind young as you age.

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