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Breathing as we all know is the most important element of existence. One can last a few days without water, a few weeks without food, but without air to breathe, a few minutes seem difficult.

What we are unaware of is that breathing properly is something that we need to practice and start making a way of life. The benefits are indeed tremendous for overall health. There are a number of different breathing techniques out there that you can adopt to making your life healthier through breathing.

One technique that helps improve one’s overall feeling of wellbeing and also helps improve ones energy levels includes a series of rhythmic inhales and exhales, followed by breath holding, which leads to strengthening ones body, improves the immune system, circulation, prevents disease, helps with focus, mindfulness and also helps with confidence.

One’s immune response and autonomous nervous system can be controlled, just ten days after making an effort to breathe correctly.

A few benefits are detailed below:
1. When you breathe with the help of exercises it helps your muscles relax. When you breathe properly, and focus on patterns that have been created by your breath, you will realize that it is impossible to hold on to any physical tension.
2. Oxygen delivery receives a boost when you breathe well. When you are in a relaxed state and breathe correctly, fresh oxygen moves in to every cell of your body, which helps increase the functionality of your body’s systems. Mental health and physical stamina too receive a boost.
3. Practicing breathing exercises can help lower blood pressure. As one’s muscles start releasing tension, our blood vessels dilate and blood pressure starts returning to optimal levels.
4. Breathing exercises also help release endorphins, which induce a feeling of euphoria and also help relieve pain.

A few exercises that you can adopt:
1. Either sit on a comfortable surface with a straight back, or lie down
2. Inhale as much air as you can, using only your stomach, not your chest
3. Exhale fully, but not in a strenuous manner, letting all air out of your lungs
4. Repeat the process 30 – 40 times
5. When on the last round, exhale completely and hold, until you need to breathe again
6. Inhale deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds
7. Repeat the process about 3 – 6 times or until you start feeling a sense of calm take over
8. Once done with your last round, take a cold shower. Do this for 30 seconds if it is your first time. The more often you do it, you should try and stay up to 3 – 5 minutes. Doing so will help improve your alertness, it will help improve blood circulation and also help in assisting weight loss.
Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath so that you can learn about how living life and making efforts in a natural direction can help you have a healthy and long life!


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