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You may have a fabulous glow on your face and you may jump for joy every time you think about the beautiful life that lies ahead of you, but these feeling disappear when you start experiencing morning sickness. For some women morning sickness doesn’t just take place in the morning, it stays through the day. The nausea, vomiting, dehydration and uneasy feeling can indeed rid you of all the joy that made you smile when you saw the positive sign on the home pregnancy test.

If you are wondering when do you get morning sickness and how long it will last then you should know that, usually, morning sickness lasts through the first trimester and if you do not take appropriate care of yourself and the baby during this time, it could be harmful to both of you. Following a good diet and knowing how to treat morning sickness symptoms is essential is you want to stay healthy and avoid bed rest during pregnancy. Many women have to take trips to the hospital and end up spending thousands of dollars for treatments that could have easily been avoided.

Eating healthy may be a problem for some women during pregnancy because cravings and various sensitivities come in during this time. A few ideas that can help you feel better when you feel the morning sickness coming on are discussed below. If you wish to stay healthy, follow these tips on how to avoid morning sickness and you will indeed enjoy a better pregnancy.

High Protein
You need to work on your blood sugar levels, and these can be kept in check if you eat a high organic protein diet before going to bed at night.

Crackers by your Bedside
Keep a few crackers by your bedside and make sure you have them as soon as you wake up, even before your head leaves the pillow. Organic peanut butter by your bedside too can help.

Ice Water

When you feel like vomiting, have little sips of chilled ice water, this will help you keep your meals down.

After some time you will be able to identify the triggers that cause you to feel nauseas, try and avoid each and every one of those foods and smells if you wish to stay in the best of spirits.

Good Food
A few foods can help you prevent nausea and they include a host of green teas, some spices, and ginger. Make them an essential part of your diet to feel good.

Morning Sickness Acupressure
In some cases acupressure bands, when worn as bracelets can also work towards reducing nausea.

Eat Often
Your doctor will advise you on what foods are good for you and your baby, also speaking with a holistic nutritionist can help you understand what you should eat to avoid nausea and remain fit during this time. Eating smaller and more frequent meals during the first three months of your pregnancy can really help you feel good.

The pleasant and soothing taste and smell of peppermint helps curb nausea. Having a cup or two of peppermint tea or smelling it by way of aromatherapy can help you curb nausea and also boost your energy levels.

There are indeed a host of great tips for treating morning sickness, however, everyone’s body is different and it is important that one consults a health practitioner before making changes to the diet to curb the onset of this annoyance. A holistic nutritionist could prescribe you vitamins for morning sickness that could help you feel better during these trying times by making your body stronger.

Sometimes morning sickness can also occur during late pregnancy and knowing that Homeopathy has excellent safe remedies for many issues faced by pregnant women through process of childbirth and even after birth can indeed help one ensure that they are relatively stress free and their baby is safe.


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