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You may not be aware of this, but teeth are not supposed to be pearly white, their actual color is actually a light yellow-red or light yellow. However, as you age, the color of one’s teeth tends to darken and they become yellower, making you afraid to smile and show your teeth. Over a period of time, enamel cracks may develop and dentin may be exposed, this is the interior region of the tooth that is less dense and can absorb food color.

Foods like tea, coffee, colas, acidic juices, smoke, medications and pigmented foods can stain your teeth. The good news however is that, the yellower your tooth stains are, the easier it gets to remove them. There are few common home remedies that can help you easily remove these tooth stains, a visit to a dental clinic will help greatly as well.

Draw a Straw
If you have just got your teeth whitened, avoid drinking beverages like tea, coffee or colas directly. Choose to use a straw to avoid staining your teeth again. Using a straw will minimize contact with the teeth surface. This will help you keep you teeth whiter for longer.

Follow wine or coffee with whitening foods
Celery, carrots, apples are whitening foods, which basically means that over time they act like small toothbrushes when chewed. They help scrub away stains from one’s teeth over time. If you are a heavy coffee drinker and do not have too many apples, you will indeed start noticing a difference once you start eating these fiber rich apples.

Choose the right lipstick for your teeth!
When you pick lipsticks that have a blue undertone there is a chance that your teeth will look whiter. Avoid using lipsticks with a yellow or gold base as it will only make your teeth look yellow.

Mix Your Own Whitener
Brush your teeth with a paste made of baking soda and water once every few weeks can help remove superficial stains from your teeth, it will make your teeth whiter by a few shades.

A few simple home remedies can indeed help make your teeth whiter. Pay attention to these easy tips and have your teeth looking fabulous in no time. Your diet needs to be paid attention to as well, so make sure that you consult a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn what foods you should avoid to keep your teeth looking bright and shiny and not yellow.

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