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Nagging deadlines, rush hour traffic, an overbearing boss and many personal issues as well at home can cause you to be extremely stressed. Burnouts are becoming common today, as people are losing a work life balance as they take on more responsibilities than they can handle. Working too hard with no play can give way to more problems like heart disease, obesity and depression. It is important that people learn to manage their life and give equal importance to their health as they do to their job responsibilities.

What people must know is that to live in a constant state of stress is not good. This state of mind leads to less concentration at work and therefore the more stressed you are, the lesser your productivity levels will go. However, this does not need to happen, you have to learn how to manage your stress. Five simple tips can help you beat stress and remain up and about. Control your stress levels, before they start controlling you.

Make sure you MOM is on speed dial
A recent study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B Journal states that a mother’s voice can have a calming effect on individuals, no matter how stressed they are. The study suggested that participants, who had just spoken to their mother’s after completely a stressful task, had decreased levels of the stress hormone – cortisol in the saliva and an increased level of the bonding hormone – oxytocin.

Get Around the Water Cooler
While gossip is not the best pass time to live by, it could do a lot for your stress levels. If you have a few colleagues that are driving you crazy, pick someone you like and talk to them about what drives you crazy. Do not get gossip take over most of your time, but a few minutes of talk shared over the water cooler, can indeed beat stress.

Make sure that you have a bar of dark chocolate in your bag or in your desk at the office. Dark chocolate can help reduce stress hormones in your body, which will mitigate the effects that stress can have. Simply pop in a piece of dark chocolate if you think that your stress levels are starting to rise.

Give your work email, the weekend off
Taking the weekend off could indeed help you improve your concentration and work better. Start by deactivating email when the weekend comes and don’t answer any work calls. Enjoy the weekend, take up some hobbies, live life.

There may be times in the middle of the day, you would think that you just cannot go on, however, take a moment, watch a video on YouTube that will make you laugh and you will feel better. Laughter tends to increase your blood pressure and heart rate and cools down your stress response.

So, laugh a little, take adequate amounts of breaks, spend time with family, call your mom, eat well and live a little. Eating a healthy diet too can affect your stress levels. Speak with your Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn, which foods can help alleviate stress levels so that you can stay happy and healthy. Homeopathy also has some great solutions that can help keep your stress levels in check. There are a few Homeopathic Salts that help calm the nerves down and are safe to use.

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