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There are signs that can tell you that you need a little more sleep, that you are deprived of sleep, and that a little more rest could do your mind, body and soul some good.

You could be just scraping through the night with 5 – 6 hours of sleep because you have deadlines to meet at work or you were out late. While this is alright once in a while, this behavior cannot do any good to your body if it becomes a regular habit. It is important that you learn how to identify signs that are telling you that you need more sleep.

You start putting on weight
If you have been putting on weight, it could be because you are sleep deprived. Lack of sleep leads to an increased appetite, and the preference is for quick energy and high calorie foods. Lack of sleep also plays around with your hormones, which means that your body is likely to source any excess energy as fatty tissue, causing you to put on excess weight.

You want fatty and sugary foods
When you are sleep deprived there is an excessive production of cortisol, which has the same physiological reaction to craving processed and fatty foods. The problem is that you find it difficult to resist these foods because you have a lack of will power on account of being tired due to sleep deprivation. This leads you to constantly wanting something sweet to eat, so that you can feel alive.

Lack of focus
A good night’s allows your brain to function at its optimal capacity. Lack of sleep leads to a build up of unnecessary neural activity, which the brain has been able to dispose off when you were sleeping, and the clutter in your brain, does not allow you to concentrate, because you have to think really hard even about simple things, making you less productive and efficient.

You are moody
Your brain regenerates when you sleep and when you do not get enough of sleep your brain is in a mess. You feel irritable because it is difficult to concentrate, you binge on sweets, which further leads to a negative frame of mind and you tend to be unhappy.

A good night’s rest is an absolute must and if you are not getting it, you should start working towards it. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how your eating habits can contribute towards a good night’s rest and speak with a Homeopath to learn how you can transform your sleep patterns naturally.

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