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The number of plastic being sold today are just countless. Research suggests that around 2 million bottle may be being bought every 5 minutes, all over the world. More that 6 million plastic cups are being used on airlines in the United States alone. This means that plastic is the most consumed product in the world as of today.

What we must know is this high consumption can have ill effects on our health. Plastic seems to be killing people slowly, and we do not even know it.

It is known that bottled water is better than tap water…why? Well, it has vitamins. When you do go ahead and buy plastic, make sure that you look for a symbol at the bottom of the bottle first.
What are these symbols and what do they mean?

If you look below the bottle, you will find a triangle, which has a number – ranging from 1 to 7. These numbers show, whether the products are safe for use or not.

#1: The number 1, is known for PET or PETE. This means that the bottle can be used only once and should not be reused. It suggests that if reused, it could emit a heavy metal called antimony in to your body, which could interfere with the hormones in one’s body and be carcinogenic.

#2: The number 2 stands for HDPE or HDP, which means that good plastic has been used to create the product and does not have too much emission as compared to other chemicals when they come in contact with water.

#3: V or PVC plastic bottles will have the number 3. This is commonly used for plastic bottles all over the world. It is however, known to have 2 toxic chemicals that can interfere with the hormones in one’s body.

#4: This number stands for LDPE and is a good plastic and is used most commonly for plastic bags and water bottles. These do not emit any chemicals when they come in contact with water.

#5: These bottles are usually white, but can also be transparent. These are safe to use. They are also known as PP. These are commonly used in the production of yogurt or syrup bottles.

#6: This plastic is used for fast food packaging and coffee. It is known to make emissions that may be carcinogenic, but it is still used.

#7: This is known as PC plastic. These should be avoided as they emit BPA, which is a very harmful chemical. Unfortunately these are used in various food and beverage industries.

Be careful when you buy plastic food products. Make sure you check the number at every step. You should get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or speak with a Homeopath so that you can learn how a natural life is beneficial.

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