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You want to fit in to that snug fitted dress for the next get-together you have planned. You want to show off your curves and you wish that your husband falls in love with you all over again, but the pounds are piling up and you are getting depressed because you cannot find the time for that workout no matter how hard you try. 

Below area few ideas as to how you can sneak in a workout in more ways than one. Do it while you are at work, and no one will even know that you are on your way to losing those not wanted pounds.

Divide and rule!
If you cannot seem to find just thirty minutes to get your daily dose of exercise, you could divide it through the day. For instance, you could start with ten minutes in the morning before you pop in to the shower, then you could take a brisk ten minute walk while at the office, instead of gulping down some coffee. Then when you are home in the evening and in the kitchen, preparing a meal, you could try some strength training moves while the dinner simmers up on the stove.

Sit to Get Stronger
Get a stability ball into your cubicle and swap it with your office chair for a while. Trying to stay balanced on these amazing balls is a great way to strengthen and engage your lower back muscles and core muscles.

Jump rope
Did you know that ten minutes with the jump rope and you could be on your way to burning up to 110 calories. Yes, it is indeed one of the best ways to stay in shape. This rope is light and portable and you can easily keep it in your car and remove it at lunch and jump a few rounds to feel perfect.

Get your colleagues involved! Gather up a few more fitness hungry colleagues and put on a yoga DVD in the conference room for some sweat free stretches.

Work out while you travel
Instead of driving your gas-guzzling car to work get to work on a bike, you could also leave a little earlier from home and run to the office. Make sure you have a bag pack on your back, so that you can change out of your sweaty clothes when you get to the office.

Small Steps Can Make a Big Difference
If it is not possible for you to run to the office or take your bike to the office, then you must try and save time by parking your car a little away from the office building so that you can find the time to walk to the office from a far away parking spot and also get a work out while you are at it.

Quick Fix
If you have a gym next to your office, try and sneak in a high impact work out session if they do arrange one during your lunch hour.

Take care of your hair
When you try and sneak in a workout at the office, you can be sure that there will be a few tell tale signs, especially your hair will do all the talking. Try and keep a blow dryer around so that you do not have to worry about fixing your hair time and again, simply make a beeline for the washroom and get your hair into place before anyone has the time to point fingers at you.

There you have it a few fast and easy ways to get some workouts in while you are at the office and cannot find the time for some exercise. Be sure to take care of your diet as well, when you have a plan to lose weight. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how eating healthy can change the way you live. Also, a homeopath can help you latch on to some great natural supplements that can keep your mind and body in shape.

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