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Athletes who are focus on consistent performance are well aware of what their pre work out should comprise of, however, it is important that all athletes know what should be consumed post work out as well to enhance muscle recovery and sustenance.

Post Work Out Hydration
The first tip that athletes should be aware of is replenishing fluids that have been lost during exercise. Below mentioned is a quick way to understand how much sports drink or water you need after exercise.

– Always weigh yourself before and after a work out session

– For every pound that you lose, you need to drink about 20 – 24 fl oz of water

Post Work Out Meal
After you finish your work out, you must know that your glycogen stores have been exhausted and they need to be replaced to sustain performance and hence you need to consume carbohydrates in the form of juice or fruits to get back those energy stores. This should be consumed within two hours of your workout for optimum effect. If you wait for longer than two hours, only about 50% stores will be created for glycogen.

Speeds Recovery with Protein and Carbohydrates
By combining the right amount of carbohydrates with protein post a work out, the creation of glycogen stores increase. The ratio one must follow is: 4:1 carbohydrates to protein. Do not consume more protein as it will negatively affect rehydration and replenishiment of glycogen.

Post Work Out Protein
Protein is not only needed to be consumed in combination with carbohydrates for glycogen store replenishment, but in fact it is needed for various other reasons too. For instance, Amino acids that help in muscle repair and recovery are provided by proteins. It also helps hydration as it allows for easy absorption of water from one’s intestines and it also helps in muscle hydration.

By paying attention what you eat and when can indeed help you perform to the best of your abilities. Stay focused; visit a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to be on top of your game by understanding what your diet should consist of and how you can make it interesting and helpful at the same time. You should also connect with a Homeopath to learn how some natural remedies can make a world of a difference to your performance.


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