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While poor eating habits are not the cause of ADHD, there is a very strong relationship between the food one eats and the symptoms o ADHD. It is important for concerned parents to learn what foods are disorder friendly and what foods should be avoided as they make the symptoms worse to take better care of their children.

Deficiencies in certain foods may cause to worsen certain symptoms in both adults and in children. It is important that one gets the right foods so as to optimize brain function. Paying attention to the foods below may help you learn how ADHD symptoms can be managed by maintaining a diet that helps the symptoms.

Say Yes to Protein
Foods that are rich in protein are known to have beneficial effects on ADHD symptoms. Pork, lean beef, eggs, beans, fish, pork, poultry, soy, nuts and low-fat dairy products can help symptoms. Neurotransmitters in the body are made by using proteins. Protein in the body, helps control blood sugar surges, which can cause an increase n hyperactivity.

Balance Meals
It is known that kids with ADHD when fed a balanced diet will behave better. Make sure that your child’s diet is balanced to include complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables and lots of protein. This will help keep their behavior under control. When preparing a meal for your kids, visualize your child’s plate. Half the plate should be covered with fresh fruits or vegetables, one fourth of the plate should comprise of protein, and the remaining fourth portion should be carbohydrate. The diet should also be rich in fiber and hence parents should make an effort to include several servings of whole grain per day to keep blood sugar levels from spiking and plummeting.

Supplements that Boost the Brain
Some diets maybe deficient in a few key minerals, vitamins and fats that work towards improving one’s alertness and attention. Children who are diagnosed with ADHD should be tested for nutritional deficiencies. When these deficiencies are treated with deficient nutrient supplements, the symptoms of the ADHD can be dealt with better.

Magnesium, Zinc and Iron
Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that receives a boost with iron, magnesium and zinc. The brain will achieve a calming effect when neurotransmitter is regulated

These three minerals can be found abundantly in poultry, nuts, soy, lean meats and fortified cereals. Increasing these nutrients or minerals through a diet is the best way, however, one can also choose to consume a multivitamin or multimineral with iron.

B Vitamins
B Vitamins can help improve IQ scores and it also helps in reducing aggression and anti social behavior.

There are a few foods that should be avoided and discussed below are the same.

Foods and Snacks with high sugar content
Kids who have ADHD are often turned on by high sugar. Kids who consume more sugar tend to become more hyperactive, restless and destructive. High sugar diets also increase inattention in kids. Items that should be avoided are, cocktails, fruit drinks, instead kids should have fresh fruit juice. It is important that parents read labels carefully and keep a watch out for words ingredients like dehydrated cane juice, dextrose, sucrose, molasses, malt syrup, maltodextrin and high-fructose corn sweetner, these should definitely be avoided.

Preservatives and Artificial Dyes
Children who have ADHD are adversely affected by foods that have additives. Artificial food coloring and flavor and preservatives like sodium benzonate are known to make even normal kids hyperactive. Colorful cereals should be avoided and parents should choose to use cereals that are low in sugar content. 100% fruit juice should be used instead of soft drinks and punches as they are artificially colored and flavored.

Allergies causing Foods
It is known that certain foods like corn, soy, wheat and gluten can cause some children to become inattentive and lose focus. It is important that parents have their kids screened for allergies before a diet or medication is prescribed to treat the condition.

For parents who are genuinely concerned, they should speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn about a diet and food habits that can help them treat their children better. Homeopathy too can help boost the brain, and visiting a homeopath too, to treat this condition could help.




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