Many of us are worried whether we have contracted the COVID-19 virus, especially if we came back from travel, or just started to self-isolate and follow social distancing.

Well, I have a case to share to illustrate that anxiety can create symptoms that will manifest, and these can create an unnecessary panic that can weaken the immune symptoms. 

On March 10th, 2020, a patient contacted me worried that she had COVID-19, as she had returned from a UK trip and was having flu-like symptoms. She mentioned that she had a fever, nasal drip, a dry cough, breathing difficulty and felt pressure in the centre of her chest. She also told me that she ate a lot of restaurant foods and pastries during her trip.

Her routine when she is at home is home food and regular exercise. She had a history of sinuses and a stressful job.

I prescribed her homeopathic remedy Bryonia 30ch as it matched her symptoms, stress buster and the immune booster homeopathic tincture to support mentally and physically.

After one week, I got a call saying that all her symptoms were gone, and her test result was negative for COVID-19.

She told me that she remembered in the past, she was always going to the doctors because of having symptoms of many ailments, for four months. Finally, a Homeopath treated her for anxiety and her health became normal.

Anxiety is not the problem; it needs to help us through life. However, we need to harness it and use it to benefit us. Anxiety makes us take action as it indicated a possible danger that we may face in the coming future if we don’t act.

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