We are taking steps to serve you safely and responsibly. We have put new proactive, precautionary measures in place intending to help keep everyone safer and help flatten the spread curve of COVID-19. To lighten the foot traffic and minimize exposure to you and our clinic, we are asking all patients to do their consultation on the phone and pick up their remedies from the clinic mailbox, or we have an option to ship the remedies.

We are asking each patient before their appointment that if they are exhibiting any cough, fever, chills or shortness of breath to reschedule or they can have an appointment by phone only. We would also like to let you know that we are here to help you with advice and education regarding this extraordinary situation that is happening around the world.

We are taking extra steps daily to clean and disinfect surfaces in our locations, provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and follow protocols recommended by public health agencies to keep you and our clinic safe.

HPC is keeping updated with verified information through our network of professionals.

Thank you for your continued trust and ongoing relationship with us. As the situation evolves, we’ll keep you informed about how we are responding safely and responsibly to meet your needs. Please don’t hesitate to call our clinic for any help.

We are here to help.

Hermeet Singh Suri
(Homeopath, RHN, BSc., Epigenistist)