• Homeopathic Treatment In Mississauga

Do you have excessive gas, belching or burping after a meal?

Do you feel sleepy after eating?

Do you have frequent headaches?

Are you experiencing any weight gain or having difficulty losing weight?

Do you have poor concentration?

Any constipation?

Are you experiencing any heartburn or indigestion?

Do you have lower back pain?

Are you hungry up to 3 hours after eating?

Are you experiencing strong cravings for sweets, starches, coffee or the like?

Any nervous/anxious feeling relieved after eating?

Do you experience any fatigue?

Are you experiencing a loss of sex drive?

Are you experiencing any poor memory or forgetfulness?

Are you experiencing any mood swings?

Are you experiencing any loss of appetite?

Do you have any dark circles under your eyes?

Do you have cold hands or feet?

Thank you for taking the test.

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