Acne is not a life-threatening condition, but you know what negative psychosocial effects it can have on you! The body’s defense system works to kill these bacteria, resulting in whiteheads, blackheads and pustules (red pus filled pimples).

You try all the creams and lotions and ointments; and you manage to suppress acne for some time only for them to resurface later. But the thing is, suppressing this skin condition only worsens your skin texture and may give rise to other skin ailments.

How homeopathy works for acne

Since acne can be caused by various factors – excess oil secretion, changes in hormone levels, heredity, etc., homeopathy can be an effective way to treat acne. This is because treatment in homeopathy is individualistic and holistic. Individual examination, case analysis, your medical history, your physical, mental and emotional constitution, your age, your gender, your ethnicity, and your susceptibility to the disease are all very important considerations in determining the exact homeopathic remedy for you.

Based on these criteria, your homeopath will prescribe the most suitable remedy.

Common remedies for acne

Below are some of the common remedies and their indications for acne. Be advised that none of these remedies should be taken without consulting your homeopath.

  • A very common remedy, especially for chronic acne
  • Rough and hard skin
  • Acne associated with comedones and constipation
  • Acne that aggravates with water
  • Pale, sickly colour of the skin
  • Spotted redness of face with black pores
  • Itching intensely in the evening and from warmth


  • Useful remedy for acne, especially in women with scanty periods and irregular circulation of blood
  • For women with sexual problems
  • Burning sensations like from hot water; redness and burning of cheeks
  • Sun headache especially on the right side
  • Nasal polyps, coryza (inflammation of the mucous membrane) followed by diarrhoea
Kali bromatum
  • General failure of mental power, melancholy, loss of memory
  • Fidgety, fear of being poisoned, night terrors
  • Suicidal, numb feeling in the head
  • Vomiting with intense thirst after every meal
  • Diabetic
  • Exaggerated sexual desire in women; sexual excitement during partial slumber in men
  • Small red pimples in the face
  • Excessive irritability and fretfulness
  • Thickly coated white tongue
  • Condition aggravated by heat and cold bathing
  • Loss of appetite; desire for acidic foods and pickles
  • Arthritic pain in fingers
  • Continual drowsiness in old people

Long used in traditional Chinese medicine for treatment of acne, its effectiveness has been proven in homeopathic treatment of acne especially of the inflammatory type.


  • Pimples on the head, face and neck
  • Styes and ulceration on the edge of the eyelids
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain in all joints
  • For women with uterine displacements
  • Good remedy for acne, remedy acts on sebaceous glands
  • Dry mucous membranes
  • Great weakness and weariness
  • In people with hyperthyroidism, goitre, diabetes, Addison’s disease
  • Irritable, awkward, hasty, wants to be left alone, cries a lot
  • Depression, especially due to chronic disease
  • Shortness of breath, flow of tears with cough
  • Greasy oily skin
  • Nervous jerking with sleep
  • Indicated for flabby, lymphatic constitution; also indicated in people with breast cancer
  • Disposition to pimples at adolescence
  • Red face; pimples on side of nose, chin and mouth
  • Axillary glands swollen, hard and knotty
  • Symptoms worsen with coffee, at night, or cold damp weather
  • Indicated in acne rosaceae
  • Alternate redness and paleness of skin
  • Dry, hot and swollen skin
  • Restlessness; talks fast
  • Acuteness of all senses
Nux vomica
  • Typical remedy for rather thin, quick, active, nervous and irritable person
  • Easily chilled; sensitive to all impressions
  • Don’t want to be touched
  • Yellowish about nose, mouth or eyes
  • Cobweb like sensation on the face
  • Oozy and itching pimples
  • Dry hard rough skin (face)
  • Symptoms worse with warmth, before and after periods
  • Symptom relief in a dark room
  • Indicated in anaemic girls at puberty
  • Headache and flatulent dyspepsia, relieved by eating
  • Skin red, prickling like nettles after bath
  • Indicated for acne from the use of cosmetics, especially in summers
  • Itchy skin especially in warm conditions
  • Pale swelling of cheeks
  • Restless, sad, easily offended

Who can or who should not take the treatment?

Anyone can take homeopathy treatment because it treats the root problem. For example, if you are a patient of diabetes and have acne, you will be treated mainly for the imbalances in the body that cause diabetes. In the process, your acne also gets treated and cured.

How soon can you expect results?

In general, homeopathy takes a longer time to heal when you compare it with conventional medicine. Ask your practitioner, who is in a better position to say when you can see improvements.

You have every right to a smooth glowing skin. Don’t neglect your acne.

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