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At The Homeopathic Plus Centre, we treat the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

Our focus is to cure the individual – not to suppress symptoms, like conventional medicine. We work with the body’s natural healing process and re-tune it so that its vitality is restored.

Homeopathic Treatment in Mississauga

Here at the Homeopathic Plus Centre, we treat the entire person, including their body, mind, and spirit. Unlike conventional medicine, which tends to suppress the underlying symptoms, our objective is to help cure the individual using the body’s natural healing process. During this process, the body is retuned and brought back into perfect harmony in order to restore and strengthen the individual.

Our definition of healing is different from the definition used by traditional medical practitioners. Our homeopathic clinic in Mississauga defines healing as the restoration process of wholeness. What this means is we treat the entire body, rather than focusing simply on the symptoms. Our mission is to cure by helping restore the health of the sick. Our methods provide one of the most harmless ways to make their bodies whole again, while using simply, yet comprehensive principles.

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The Homeopathic Clinic In Mississauga Offers Services & Treatments for

Vitamin Deficiency Testing

Hair Analysis

Allergy Testing

Holistic Nutrition


Depression & Anxiety


Low Energy & Fatigue


Skin Ailments

Autism/ Behavior Issues







Hair Loss

Eczema/Psoriasis Common Cold & Flu

Bipolar Disorder

Weight Loss/Gain



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