March 15th, 2018

42-year-old patient-external hemorrhoids visit my clinic. He reported a feeling of a pea-shaped spot, in his rectum. He said it started three weeks ago when he began experiencing pain and some itch around his anal area. His initials took pain killers to help with the pain. He stopped all inflammatory foods, caffeine and alcohol. He took some ointment that was over the counter at the local pharmacy to help with the itch. Even though this was helping him day to day, he wanted a permanent solution.

I asked him about the modalities. He told me that the pain was worse after sitting for a while. As his job requires sitting, he had to take days off due to pain. He had to avoid anything that pressed directly on the spot, as it would increase the pain. He had no sign of blood in either stool or urine. He felt better after a warm shower. Generally, he was extremely sensitive to odours and especially to perfumes. Lastly, he mentioned that the pain worsened after he did heavy lifting around the home.

Prescribed: Sepia 30c – 3 pellets 1X/day

March 30th, 2018

All pain resolved since starting Sepia 30, but the itch has increased. I explained that means hemorrhoid has shrunk in size. To his surprise, he said I was right, and the doctor who checked him two days ago said the same.

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May 21st, 2018

Called to let me know that he was the last test a week ago and had no symptoms of itch, or sign or hemorrhoids.

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