Today many doctors are coming across children who are experiencing unexplainable growth deficiency or dwarfism. These children who have undergone testing for growth hormone deficiency, thyroid problems, adrenal deficiencies, and x-rays to determine bone age are showing all tests within normal range.

This is leading to doctors labelling them as having “Idiopathic short Stature”, a fancy way of saying that you are short and we cannot find a any medical reason. Idiopathic short stature (ISS) is defined as height that is well below the average for the child’s sex and age, a more than two standard deviations below average height.

The conventional medical treatment is controversial as why would you inject your child with growth hormones when they don’t have any deficiency in this hormone. These growth hormones come at a great cost and this cost is not covered by insurance companies. An average of $18,000 to $36,000 cost is incurred by parents with half-inch gain.

Dangers of this treatment is that it may cause premature puberty, which shortens the growth period and may cause early closure of the long bones thereby limiting height potential and rendering the whole treatment self-defeating.

The FDA approval of the ISS was based on two clinical studies and the long term effects are unknown.

Through Homeopathy many cases have been successful in helping parents with children facing deficient growth. All cases have shown more than just improvement in growth. Parents have reported that their children’s behaviour improved tremendously. The best part is that the remedies are safe and the treatment is ridiculously cheap.

Each person is a unique individual and results vary, but with the right homeopathic remedy one can stimulate inner healing so children can reach their full growth.