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Stress: Effects Immunity

All of us have daily stresses, like school work, office work, deadlines, relationship issues and family matters. Stress is a necessity because it drives us to get things done, however, when we don't have proper methods to deal with stress, then this same stress...

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March 15th, 2018 42-year-old patient-external hemorrhoids visit my clinic. He reported a feeling of a pea-shaped spot, in his rectum. He said it started three weeks ago when he began experiencing pain and some itch around his anal area. His initials took pain killers...

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Weight loss after Pregnancy

September 12th, 2019: A female patient 31-year-old came to me to get help to lose the belly fat she developed after giving birth. She said that she had two years of post-partum depression due to her belly hanging. She tried losing weight by exercising seven days a...

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Weight loss: Male

Nov 8th, 2019: A male patient aged 33 years old visited my clinic as he was having difficulty losing weight. He initially lost 46lb by cutting down on sugars, processed foods, alcohol, and exercising five times per week. But the issue was he could not get rid of the...

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The Right Way: Weight Loss

Oct 12th, 2019: A female patient aged 39 years old visited my clinic as she was having difficulty losing weight for the past 12 years, after her pregnancy (as per her statement). She said she had tried many diets like weight watchers, intermittent fasting and Dr....

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Weight Loss

Dec 8th, 2019: A female patient aged 32 years old visited my clinic as she was having difficulty losing weight. For six months, she has been eating organic foods, going to boot camp five times a week, stopped all alcohol and even cut all sugar out. But to her...

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