Dec 8th, 2019: A female patient aged 32 years old visited my clinic as she was having difficulty losing weight. For six months, she has been eating organic foods, going to boot camp five times a week, stopped all alcohol and even cut all sugar out. But to her surprise, she was not losing weight; instead, she gained 15lb.

So, I instructed her to change the following:

  1. Change her exercise to less vigorous. Keep heart rate between 180-age (32) = 148. So, the range is 138 to 148. This heart rate will keep her in an aerobic state and maximize weight loss.
  2. Avoid all caffeine as it elevates cortisol levels, which causes weight gain.
  3. Use the AdaptoSlim Formula, three times a day. AdaptoSlim will balance the cortisol and optimize the thyroid function.

Jan 9th, 2020: The patient informed me that she was finally losing weight, and her craving were reduced. She had lost 15lb, as of date. I asked her to continue as before.

Feb 13th, 2020: The patient came to the clinic and was happy. She had lost another 11lb and was fitting in her old clothes.