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How is homeopathy different from naturopathy?

Homeopathy is based on a complete system of medicine. Naturopathy uses a variety of natural treatments, including herbalism, vitamins, detoxification, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, as well as homeopathy. Some naturopaths have taken postgraduate courses in homeopathy; others use homeopathic products based on naturopathic training.

How is homeopathy different from herbal medicine?

Herbal medicines are prepared solely from botanical substances. Homeopathic medicines come from many different sources, including plants, minerals, and some animal products. They are prepared according to specific guidelines to minimize the actual content of the original material, while maximizing the remedy’s effectiveness.

Is homeopathy just a new trend?

Homeopathy has been widely used for over 200 years. It is a respected form of medicine in many other parts of the world, especially in Europe and India, where it is commonly used in clinics and hospitals. In England, the Queen has a homeopathic physician.

What kinds of problems can be treated with homeopathy?

All illnesses can be treated homoeopathically – from simple acute problems like minor injuries and common children’s illnesses to more serious chronic conditions such as auto-immune diseases, behavioural and emotional conditions, and bacterial, viral, or yeast infections. Homeopathy works gently and naturally, without the side effects associated with other treatments. When used knowledgeably, homeopathic treatment is capable of producing lasting results by strengthening the body’s own healing mechanisms to improve your overall level of health.

About Our Services


Sequential homeopathy seeks to use homeopathic remedies to “clear” or detoxify each insult to the immune system in reverse chronological order. It allows the system to cleanse and heal itself one layer at a time, rather than trying to tackle all the problems at the same time. This unlayering is accomplished through use of homeopathic remedies specific to each event’s components. The remedies are chosen based upon the person’s individualized “timeline” of personal history, inherited weaknesses, as well as by observing current symptoms, month by month, layer by layer.

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is the practice of focusing on the whole person, acknowledging that everyone is unique and, hence, has unique needs. The goal is to unify the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual components of a client’s life to promote healing and wellbeing.

Advanced Allergy Testing

Adverse reactions to foods are causing increasingly more health problems. Approximately 5% of the population is affected by a food allergy, which produces an immediate onset of the symptoms often associated with a ‘allergic response’.

However, it is estimated that more than 40% of the population have a delayed type of reaction, which occurs several hours or days after a food is consumed. The delay in the appearance of symptoms, makes it difficult to determine which foods could be considered as the trigger of the health problem.

Max Pulse Heart Screening

he Max Pulse is a simple, user-friendly, non-invasive, FDA Class II medical screening device. The device provides measurements using Photoelectric Plethysmography, Accelerated Plethysmography, and other technologies to access overall cardiovascular and ANS wellness.

RJL Body Composition

Scale weight alone does not provide enough information to help create customized healthy weight management programs for individuals. Body Composition (BC) software is ideal for the healthcare professionals monitoring and recording changes in body composition.

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