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What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is the practice of focusing on the whole person, acknowledging that everyone is unique and, hence, has unique needs. The goal is to unify the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional and spiritual components of a client’s life to promote healing and wellbeing.


Personalized Services

As a *Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I focus on each person as a unique individual with individual needs. No two programs or recommendations are the same! This is very important because something that works for one person is not necessarily beneficial for another. Completion of a comprehensive questionnaire and in-depth consultation serve to uncover imbalances in the body.

Individual recommendations are geared towards creating balance and, therefore, improved health. Lifestyle and diet modifications, selective supplements when appropriate, food and environmental stressor identification, and cleanses/detoxifications are employed to achieve goals.


Health Conscious Eating

I used to think that “they wouldn’t sell it if it wasn’t good for me”, just like you probably are! This is a perfectly reasonable way to think, but unfortunately, not the case. I have learned by trial and error, much studying and reading. There is so much information out there — and some of it is misleading, misinterpreted or downright wrong. My job is to help you weed out the good sources of information from the unreliable. I coach clients along their own path to optimum health, educating and addressing individual questions along the way. A thorough nutritional and lifestyle assessment is used to pinpoint areas of imbalance, and recommendations for changes in diet, supplements and lifestyle are aimed at achieving balance.


Improve Productivity

By learning how to improve health and energy levels the natural way will give you valuable information to improve your quality of life and health, and will likely result in improved productivity. Not just at work, but at home, too, so you can enjoy your time off.



If you’ve ever wondered if supplementation is wise or even needed, I’m here to help answer all your questions. It is absolutely imperative that if you choose to supplement, that you pick the best quality, food-based supplements that you can find. Unfortunately you get what you pay for, and you don’t want to pay for poor choices with your health! I have a wealth of information on this subject that I share with all my clients to give them the information to make educated decisions about their health, so that health is improved, not made worse by supplementation. If you are already supplementing, here are a couple of quick question to consider: Is it making a difference? Are you feeling better? Do you have more energy?

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