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TMJ (Acute)

April 15th, 2018: A 26-year-old male with TMJ since the past 13 months visited my Clinic. He was experiencing severe jaw pain for almost one month, causing throbbing headaches. His headaches got worse stooping forward and when in light. His TMJ got worse on opening...

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Weight Loss, The Smart Way

Losing weight is difficult. We are told by weight loss clinics to reduce calories below 1300. This method does work but at the cost of good health. An average body's primary functions to be at optimal need 1800-2200 calories (females) and 2200-2600 (males). Thus, by...

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Eczema Treated Successfully

Eczema Treated Successfully 22nd July 2019 A child of age 8 old was brought to me with severe eczema. The Eczema started in May 2019 after parents introduced Goat milk and a new detergent. Even after stopping the goat milk and using an organic and fragrance-free...

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Bipolar Disorder

June 15th, 2019 A 9-year-old male was brought in for homeopathic treatment. He was diagnosed with Bipolar and ADHD. Things were all good with Ability for the past year, but it wasn’t helping anymore, and they weren’t successful with anything to help ADHD. Around 2...

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Acute Viral Labyrinthitis

April 23rd, 2019 A 46-year-old female started to feel sick with fever, digestive upset and vertigo once a week after a business trip. She describes her vertigo as strong and feels like the room is spinning. During dizziness, she feels off-balanced while walking and...

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Allergic Rash (Acute)

March 2018: 15-year-old female had a red warm rash and streaks on her face accompanied by an itchy throat. It started in the morning at school. A day prior mother thinks that during dental work her daughter was exposed to latex with the gloves and Invisalign braces,...

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