Eczema Treated Successfully

22nd July 2019

A child of age 8 old was brought to me with severe eczema. The Eczema started in May 2019 after parents introduced Goat milk and a new detergent. Even after stopping the goat milk and using an organic and fragrance-free detergent the skin was not improving. Doctors advised Cortisone cream. Initially, it helped but the child experienced side effects.

After examining the child, it was noted that the locations of the eczema were face, chest, hands and back. All skin area was red, dry, inflamed and itchy. The skin below the eye was not smooth to touch and inside the ear a bit dryness. The father informed me that his son will scratch until it bleeds and that every time, he ate any form of sugar it made eczema worse.

Also, it was noted that the patient had a history of catching colds easily and getting ear infections. The patient had a fear of needles like to do things by the rules, blunt in nature, stubborn and argumentative.

I prescribed the Remedy Silicea 6X daily 3times/day.

August 19th, 2019

The case is progressing, the skin is less red, less dry and less itchy but the progress slowed down. So, I prescribed Silicea 30ch daily, 2X/day.

Oct 20th, 2019

The skin was 60% better in all aspects and progress slowed, so as nothing else changed in the case, the potency went up. So, I prescribed Silicea 200ch X1/day.

Jan 8th, 2020

Skin is 99% improved and the father was instructed to continue the remedy and report back if needed.

In homeopathy, treatment is individualized to a patient based on health history, location, sensation and modalities that are unique to the individual. Also, at The Homeopathic Plus Centre, we provide a guideline regarding diet, fitness, mindfulness and environmental factors to help the patient recover more efficiently.