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Insomnia, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes – Treated By HPC

6 month’s ago my son visited Dr. Suri. He went to see him on my behalf as he was concerned for my health and modern medicine was not helping. The doctors said I was suffering from insomnia. I am Diabetic, have high blood pressure and now they tell me I …
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Dealing with Bipolar Disorder

It is difficult to reason with loved ones who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However, washing your hands off them is not the solution. Erratic mood swings, depressive episodes and elevated levels of energy as experienced by your loved one maybe beyond your comprehension and therefore, you have to …
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Starved of oxygen, tissues rapidly die. Oxygen may be prevented from diffusing into the lungs because of chocking, drowning, suffocation, strangulation, paralysis, or injury to the lungs or chest. Lack of oxygen in the air also causes asphyxia.

Symptoms include an increased rate and depth of breathing, noisy breathing, frothing …
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Occurs when blood vessels are damaged. External bleeding often looks more dramatic than Internal bleeding, but the latter can be more serious.

In a minor graze or bruise only the smallest blood vessels, the capillaries, are broken; blood seeps slowly into the surrounding tissues but soon clots, resealing the capillaries …
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