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Reduce Anxiety – Here’s How!

Everyday we are exposed to a large number of stressors, while some of us can handle it, other are susceptible to pangs of anxiety, which get the better of them. Being in a state of constant stress can lead us to feeling fatigued, affect our adrenalin glands and cause detrimental …
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Can diet replace exercise?

Both diet and exercise are extremely crucial for a healthy life. You may have seen a host of advertisements talking you in to losing weight with various exercise formats, however, it is important that we give diet a little more importance and put it in the spotlight. This does not …
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Siting all day? Read on!

They say sitting is the new smoking. For those of us who have sedentary lifestyles, it is important for us to learn that the side effects are deadly and if we wish to maintain a long and healthy life we need to make efforts to reverse the damage that sitting …
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