Both diet and exercise are extremely crucial for a healthy life. You may have seen a host of advertisements talking you in to losing weight with various exercise formats, however, it is important that we give diet a little more importance and put it in the spotlight. This does not by any means undermine the importance of exercise.

More than 80 million people are considered obese, why? Well, poor lifestyle choice, poor eating habits and not enough exercise. People who suffer from this problem, are often blamed because of the lack of exercise and not because of the poor food choices they make.

There has to be a shift in lifestyle. While exercise is important, following a diet that propagates good health is equally important. Exercise does reduce the risk of many disease, but the lack of exercise is not the only cause of obesity, poor food choices is.

So, what should one who wants to be healthy consume? Fat, yes, but the good kind. Almonds and avocados should feature as part of a regular in ones diet. These help one stay fuller longer and also increase the body’s capacity to absorb antioxidants and increase one’s metabolism. Legumes, vegetables, fruits and spices should be included.

Take stock of your workout. Workouts that make you want to give up after 30 minutes or so, are not what your body needs. Yes, you do need to be active, but not at the risk of being exhausted. You do not need to go to a gym and follow the advice of an instructor to be active and give your body some exercise. Daily chores can help you stay active. Like walking around the block a couple of times. Walking to the supermarket. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Riding a bike to work or to conduct day to day chores. Being active around the house.
Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how you can take small steps to lead a healthy life by eating well.