Oct 12th, 2019: A female patient aged 39 years old visited my clinic as she was having difficulty losing weight for the past 12 years, after her pregnancy (as per her statement). She said she had tried many diets like weight watchers, intermittent fasting and Dr. Brietstein Diet. Initially, she would lose weight but then put back her full weight with 5-10lb more. She indicated that she was stressed doing the diet, and they were expensive. She also said she tried the Keto diet, but it was not practical to incorporate it into her daily life. Now she felt low in mood, and it was affecting the main areas of her life.

So, I instructed her to change the following:

  1. Change her exercise to less vigorous. Keep heart rate between 180-age (39) = 141. So, the range is 131 to 141. This heart rate will keep her in an aerobic state and maximize weight loss.
  2. Avoid all caffeine as it elevates cortisol levels, which causes weight gain.
  3. Use the AdaptoSlim Formula, three times a day. AdaptoSlim will balance the cortisol and optimize the thyroid function.
  4. Cut out all processed foods and refined sugars. Start eating organic foods if she can make the budget.
  5. Start some form of mindful activity, like Yoga, Qi-gong or Tai Chi, as it will help to elevate the cortisol levels, which is the main reason for weight gain.

Jan 12th, 2020: The patient informed me that she was finally losing weight, and her craving was reduced. She had lost 22lb, as of date. I instructed her to reduce the consumption of alcohol, which she was using to help her sleep as this will add unnecessary calories. We added melatonin and magnesium to help her relax and get sleep.

Feb 3rd, 2020: The patient came to the clinic and was happy. She had lost another 11lb in a shorter time after following the new instructions, and her sleep was not as bad but still troubling her. The new direction was to increase melatonin from 3mg to 6mg and listen to relaxing music before sleep. 

Feb 21st, 2020: The patient messaged me that her sleep was deep and about 7 hours without any more disturbances. Her weight is 5 lb less and gradually getting to her target.

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