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Vigorous exercise a double-edged sword

BOSTON (Reuters) – Vigorous exertion does indeed dramatically increase the chances of having a heart attack, a new study has found.

But, but vigorous, long-term exercise provides so much protection against heart disease, the risk is more than worth it, according to the 12-year study of 21, 481 male physicians.…
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Homeopathy Helps ­Psoriasis

A 2009 multicenter study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology gathered data on 82 patients with psoriasis who were treated with classical homeopathy for two years.

The study found a marked reduction in psoriasis symptoms and significant improvement in quality of life. Many of …
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Study finds majority of patients benefit

A new observational study revealed that three-quarters of all patients who received homeopathic treatment from a general practitioner (GP) experienced benefits. The analysis of 1,783 consultations with 14 doctors in the U.K.—10 of them National Health Service GPs—found homeopathy seemed effective for a large number of clinical conditions, most notably …
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