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Fall asleep in less than 5 minutes!

So many people all around the world suffer from a condition known as insomnia. Tossing and turning, being elusive of what is needed for good health – a good night’s sleep. There are a number of reasons why people suffer from this condition. At times, it could be a symptom …
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How to get quality Sleep?

All over the world, so many people have trouble sleeping. Bobbing from one side to another, sleep remains elusive. The problem with restless nights is restless days ahead, even a single night without good quality sleep can make the day ahead torturous.

Your body needs good, quality sleep, and when …
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Weight Loss and Sleep!

When it comes to losing and managing weight – controlling your food habits is important – but what is also important is ensuring that you get a good night’s rest. When you miss out on restorative and deep sleep, it holds your body back from chronic disease and leading a …
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Stress Busting

The times we live in are overly stressful. From financial stress to emotional stress to stress caused by work deadlines, there is no limit to which it can affect our health. The scientific definition of stress suggests that it is “an adverse reaction to excessive pressures or other demands”. It …
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2 Tips For Sleeping Better at Night

You may often fall into patterns where you are not getting enough sleep. A restless night usually results in an unsatisfying day and can impact productivity, mood and overall feelings of well being. Recent studies have shown it’s not the amount of sleep we get each night that matters, but …
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Insomnia, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes – Treated By HPC

6 month’s ago my son visited Dr. Suri. He went to see him on my behalf as he was concerned for my health and modern medicine was not helping. The doctors said I was suffering from insomnia. I am Diabetic, have high blood pressure and now they tell me I …
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