Nights seem unbearable to you! You cannot get any rest because you keep tossing and turning all night long. You crave for the restful slumber, but sadly it eludes you. Well, let us help you and give you a few easy ideas that can help you fall asleep in less than 10 minutes.

The lifestyles we lead can be pretty high on stress, and they can have an impact on our sleeping pattern, often what we eat and when we eat it also can make a significant difference. Here are a few ways in which you could achieve some respite from your night time issues.

Darkness rocks!
When its time to go to bed, switch the lights off. Darkness tends to send signals to the brains about it being time to wind down. Bright lights, on the other hand, keep our mind in wake mode.

If you cannot achieve a state of darkness in your room, then invest in an eye mask, you can make it anywhere in that case then.

Experience quietude!
It is essential to have a noise free environment if you want to achieve restful sleep. Soft sleep headphone can help you make the quietude needed to get the rest that you genuinely need. You could play soothing tunes that can help lull you to sleep.

Essential Oils
Aromatherapy is a great way to fall asleep as well. Essential oils work on biochemical, emotional and psychological levels to induce a sense of calm. A few good oils you must try and keep as part of your aromatherapy kit, include: Chamomile, lavender, orange, neroli and petitgrain.

Herbs, pop them!
You do not need to make yourself chamomile tea in the middle of an anxious and restless night anymore. You can find some great herb supplements that you can pop to see a calm and restful state.

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