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Sleep trouble?

In order to stay healthy, good food, some exercise and a good night’s rest is extremely essential. A recent survey conducted in Britain suggested that more than 42% of people who suffer from sleep problems and stay awake most hours of the night, do so because of worries like family …
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Treating PCOS with Homeopathy

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a condition that is becoming extremely common amongst women worldwide. The symptoms include acne, obesity, irregular or absent periods, infertility and excessive growth of bodily hair.

Not all patients who suffer from this condition showcase all symptoms and that’s why a diagnosis can be difficult. A …
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Overcoming anxiety and fears

Some people, competent in most situations, sometimes find it difficult to deal with stress. When put under pressure, they tend to succumb, leading to anxiety and panic attacks. During examinations or when someone has to perform on stage, their mind simply freezes, they go blank, they are unable to think …
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Beat the Blues with Homeopathy


A lot of people out there are suffering from clinical or major depression. They experience symptom such as feeling down, depressed or even hopeless, they tend to have no interest in doing anything and derive no pleasure from activities that most people may enjoy.

The problem is that most …
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