When children start going to school, they enter a whole new world. They not only form new relationships apart from their family, but they have to come to term with a world that is filled with a host of pressure. They have to learn how to conform to regulations, please teachers and make new friends. The physical environment is new, but the cultural and social environment too is very new and challenging too. Problems may at this stage arise in children who up to this point had been healthy and well behaved. This is primarily because they are exposed to stressed, basically anything that challenges them. When they are pressurized, they either rise to the challenge or they get sick.

The process of adaptation is not always smooth and if a child reacts adversely to this change, treatment through homeopathy could be a good idea.

The homeopathic approach really gives us the chance to take different, and hopefully better perspectives on people. We can see that “symptoms” are just the manifestation of a failure to cope with whatever has challenged or injured a person, and we can also come to under­stand why a particular person develops a specific pattern of illness. From this point of view, the materia medica of homeopathic remedies is like a book of wisdom which throws light on dark or confusing times. The majority of reme­dies we use are prepared from plants but the next largest group are prepared from minerals. In particular there are a number of common metals which, as homeo­pathic remedies, are invaluable in treat­ing children’s behavioural problems and illnesses.

A confused child who lashes out sometimes because of violent impulsiveness is one who could be helped with Alumina. These children are usually quiet and people around them are confused with this irrational behavior. This child is likely to have a parent that is dominant and the child feel suppressed and their self-confidence is completely eroded. They may be scared of sharp objects, the sight of blood will scare them. They cannot be hurried, they may try, they may want to, but they actions just do not help. They have difficulties in reading and writing, since they are hurried inside, they feel restless, have fidgety hands and feet and may also sleepwalk.

Argentum Nitricum
This treatment is made using silver nitrate and is used in most cases to treat anticipatory anxiety. Physicals symptoms that manifest for this patient include shaky hands and legs along with a shaky tummy. Children’s complain of a feeling that is akin to butterflies in the tummy and may also need to run back and forth from the bathroom due to complaints of diarrhea. These children may tend to have a sweet tooth, given the excessive anxiety. They can perform well, but they pressurize themselves too much and when they don’t end up performing, they feel lost.

Gold may no be an oft prescribed medication, but with more children feeling the bane of psychological pressure, depression, severe depression and some may even attempt to commit suicide, this treatment could help.

The child who needs this treatment tends to be hardworking, industrious and ambitious as well. The have a sense of duty that is overdeveloped and tend to feel guilty if they are not doing what they are supposed to. They understand that they are unique, but this can make them feel lonely as they cut themselves off from others. They are oversensitive, which leads to bursts of violence and anger.

Children who have difficult behavioural problems may be prescribe homeopathic copper. They are usually fiercely independent and never ask for help. They are headstrong and obstinate, the are focused, hardworking and prefer playing by the rules! However, when faced with confrontations, they may lash out both physically and verbally. They also tend to be breath holders and can turn blue when throwing tantrums.

The child who needs ferrum has a will of iron. This may tend to make them bossy and may also be intolerant towards confrontations. They always want to be in charge, they may be physically robust and may also be slightly overweight. These children are very self confident and are often leaders in class. They are hard workers, but are not very flexible and lack the capacity to adapt. They tend to be provoked easily and may be oversensitive as well. When faced with a challenge the will either fight or stand their ground. They could choose to avoid and ignore the situation, but they will fight. They usually don’t run away from things, but when faced with scenario that is too noisy and chaotic, they will move away to find some quiet.

This treatment is very expensive and is used for extremely special kids. These children and likely to feel superior and cut off from others at the same time. They may be difficult to make a connection with and could be diagnosed as being autistic or suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome.

The child who needs this treatment like order and routine. Their need for order is compulsive, and they are compelled to sort things out, get things done in the right way. They do not like change and do not want to try new things. They enjoy doing things that they have been forbidden to and if they are allowed to do a certain thing, they will quickly lose interest. Physically they may be colicky and may experience abdominal pains.

Zinc is advised for the restless child. They are extremely fidgety and never stop moving. They are oversensitive to noise and voices, which makes it difficult for them to fit in to social situations. They mood swings are quiet marked and they go from feeling cheerful to feeling down, from anger to feeling shy and from feeling anxious to being content very quickly.

If your children seem to have issues that homeopathy can help with, speak with a Homeopath today. You should also get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how food can play an important role in helping with your child’s behavioral patterns.