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Are you using a Tongue Scarper?

Oral hygiene is truly a cornerstone of a healthy life, however, there is one very important aspect of this regimen that most of us avoid and that is tongue scraping. Brushing your teeth, flossing gargling and even oil pulling are a few thing that people indulge in, but tongue scraping …
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8 Ways To Enjoy Winter And Feel Good!

Do you get the feeling that another day cooped up at the office or home during the winter-months leaves you feeling depressed or tired? Some experts believe that people who are overly anxious and stressed could be so because they are suffering from ‘nature deficit disorder,’ a lack of engagement …
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Foods that you should definitely avoid! On grounds of Cruelty!

You are probably unaware of what is happening behind the closed doors of factory farms. The brutality can only be described as horrific. All animals are ill-treated, without a thought.

While there is cruelty attached to eating any kind of meat, here are six of the cruellest.

Foie Gras Considered …
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