Do you get the feeling that another day cooped up at the office or home during the winter-months leaves you feeling depressed or tired? Some experts believe that people who are overly anxious and stressed could be so because they are suffering from ‘nature deficit disorder,’ a lack of engagement with the outdoors and seasons. The only way to get out of this slump is to get outside and enjoy some outdoor time! It’s also a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Here are a few activities that can help you stay active and change your outlook on winter!

Play with your kids or dog at the park

Remember what it was like when you were a kid and how much you used to enjoy going to the park on a winter day? That feeling hasn’t changed! A guaranteed way to liven your winter spirits is to take the family and the dog to the park. Pack some warm cocoa and toboggans and cross-country skis and make a memorable day of it where the family gets some exercise!

Go for a nice, brisk walk – outside.

We all know the benefits of walking regularly, but we really should be doing it outdoors. It is proven that when you exercise, it helps release mood-enhancing endorphins. However, when you pair this with the benefits of sunshine (Vitamin D) and fresh, crisp air and beautiful scenery, you are getting much more benefit from this simple exercise vs. walking indoors on a treadmill or around a lap in a gym. Try walking for 30 minutes a day outdoors, and it will naturally change your perspective and keep you healthy and happy!

Winter work around the house

Given our recent mild temperatures and lack of snowfall in most regions, you can still get outside and tend to some of the winter gardening or yard maintenance you didn’t get around to in the Fall. Or take the time to organize and clean the garage. Household activities are also a great way to get outside and stay in shape and simultaneously keep your home organized.

Meditate Outside

For a change, try meditating in the outdoors. A park, your backyard or a suitable quiet area where you are relatively unwithered will bring a new element to your practice, particularly when breathing in the crisp winter air and taking in nature’s surroundings.

Take Your Food Outside

In the summer, we love the feeling of eating outside amongst nature. It doesn’t have to change in the winter! You can enjoy your meals outside on a clear and dry sunny winter day in your backyard or even at lunchtime when at the office try it also with your morning or afternoon coffee and it will give a nice energetic boost for the day – as long as your dressed for it, the cold is harmless and is actually quite refreshing!

Indulge in outdoor Yoga

Yoga can indeed help you beat the winter blues, but have you tried it outside in the winter months? Try dressing up in a few extra layers and practicing outdoors – it is a great way to change your routine, expose yourself more to the outdoors and practice in a new environment.

Take your bike instead of the car

Some of us lucky to live in a region where there has been very little snowfall this winter. As such, cycling is still a great way to get exercise and commute around town. Dress warmly and safely and make sure your bicycle is ready for winter conditions!

Try Ice Skating!

It’s a great way to use your lower body muscles, and everyone enjoys it! If you don’t know how you can always take lessons at a local arena or community center!

No matter what activity you choose, doing it outside will be great for your mind, body and spirit!

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