In order to stay healthy, good food, some exercise and a good night’s rest is extremely essential. A recent survey conducted in Britain suggested that more than 42% of people who suffer from sleep problems and stay awake most hours of the night, do so because of worries like family problems and financial concerns.

The survey also found that other reasons like a snoring partner or traffic were reasons for sleeplessness. Medical problems like pain in the joins and muscles and asthma caused this issue. A considerable number also experienced sleeplessness because of too much caffeine consumption.

Insomnia seemed to be a common problem amongst a majority of the people studied, which means a lot of people are suffering due to lack of sleep. Sleep is important. Lack of sleep can lead to a host of problems such as poor concentration, lethargy, poor memory, and irritability. It may also cause low mood, and decreased co-ordination skills, which will affect the social life of people.

Insomnia affects different people in different ways. While some drugs can definitely aid sleep, it leaves people feeling groggy in the morning, and sleeping pills are definitely not advisable over a long period of time. Other therapies like homeopathy is what people are turning to in order to get a good night’s rest.

The good thing about homeopathic treatment is the non addictive nature. The most common medicines prescribed include, Ignatia, when the problem caused is due to family problems or grief. Nux Vomica is prescribed when there is a problem due to overindulgences such as that of work, drinks or food. Cocculus shows great results when people who are exhausted due to sleep deprivation caused by caring for others are prescribed it. It especially helps when people who experience dizziness as well.

Worries at work, metal stimulation and emotional upsets can all be treated by different homeopathic medicines. So, if you wish for a long lasting solution, it is important to get to the root of the issue first.

Speak with a homeopath to find the correct treatment for your problems. You should also speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist of you wish to learn how the right food can help you stay healthy and get a good night’s rest.