Some people, competent in most situations, sometimes find it difficult to deal with stress. When put under pressure, they tend to succumb, leading to anxiety and panic attacks. During examinations or when someone has to perform on stage, their mind simply freezes, they go blank, they are unable to think how to behave, how to react and wonder what to do next? Some even break out in to cold sweats, experience palpitations and some need to rush to the loo.

Homeopathy can be used as a treatment to take care of these ailments. However, it depends from person to person and the treatment will vary on the diagnosis.

For starters, if it’s a case of anxiety that of brought on due to exams. Arsenicum Album can be used to dispel one’s nerves. However, if there is a case of extreme restlessness, and one feels shaky and sick and is absolutely unable to concentrate and wakes up at odd odd hours at night, Gelsemium will be prescribed. However one must remember, that these are not cures, they will help provide temporary relief.

Other homeopathic medicines that can be used to treat the stress brought on due to exams include: Lycopodium, Argentum nitricum, and Anarcardium. Each medicine must only be taken after consulting a homeopath as they help treat different versions of stress.

For those who face problems at school
A common problem is one that some younger kids face in school. These children tend to be unhappy in school for a number of reasons. These kids may be being bullied, or may have a strict teacher or they may be having some difficulty making friends.

These effects sometimes manifest them physical through tummy aches in kids, they use it as an excuse to get out of situations they fear facing. It is important to learn the trigger to these manifestations. Children who suffer from separation anxiety can also experience bad dreams, be picky about food and tend to be not in high spirits always. Calcarea Carbonica can be used in these situations, which not only help with anxiety, but also help with other issues such as self-confidence and allow one to be more outgoing.

Teens who are troubled
Teenagers tend to have problems that go beyond just examinations. These situations are often caused due to one’s physical appearances, as the teen years can be a little all over the place, or it could be caused due to the relationships shared. Anxiety at this stage can manifest itself in the form of fainting, headaches, being sweaty and also feeling chills. Kids tend to get self-conscious, lose confidence and do not have any inclination to try harder. Silica could work in this case.

Homeopathy can help with a host of other fears, such as fear of flying, public speaking, going for interviews and stage fright as well. For those who suffer from chronic anxiety, experience agoraphobia and panic attacks, should speak with a qualified Homeopath to learn how they can treat the condition naturally.