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An Orange for You?

According to Tae Yun Kim, oranges are not only good for excellent health, but they also play an essential role in offering strength to your emotional body, making you joyful and cheerful, ensuring that a sense of well-being prevails always.

Oranges are extremely popular among athletes, mainly because they offer …
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Nuts about Nuts!

Including nuts in your diet is a great idea. Not only are they power-packed with power, energy and nutrition, they are also delicious and convenient to carry around as well. They are known to be packed with the best polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, proteins and fibre, that help in many …
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2 Tips For Sleeping Better at Night

You may often fall into patterns where you are not getting enough sleep. A restless night usually results in an unsatisfying day and can impact productivity, mood and overall feelings of well being. Recent studies have shown it’s not the amount of sleep we get each night that matters, but …
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3 Natural Remedies For The Common Cold

They say, there is no cure for the common cold; however, you can find natural relief with these three simple remedies:

1. Pepper and Tulsi: Grind 10 Black peppercorns along with a handful of tulsi leaves.

Consume three times a day

2. Pepper and Spanish Thyme: Grind 10 Black peppercorns …
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