Taking care of your heart is important. As you grow older, with the stresses of life and the food that you eat, your heart can feel the pinch, and you may not even know it, but it will start deteriorating.

A few foods when included in your diet can help keep your heart healthy. Below listed are a few foods that you should indeed make part of your lifestyle to keep your heart strong.

Wild Salmon
Wild Salmon that is not farmed can be baked, grilled or broiled depending on which way you like to eat it. This fish is extremely fleshy and is very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease. Selenium found in large quantities is an antioxidant that helps boost protection to cardiovascular system.

The omega-3s found in sardines do a lot of good for your heart as they help increase levels of good cholesterol and reduce the risk of sudden heart attacks in people who have had heart attacks in the past. Avoid the canned variety for excessive salt content.

Walnuts are great for overall health and does great to keep your heart strong too. It contains a ton of omega-3 fatty acid, folate, fiber and Vitamin E, all of which work towards keeping your heart healthy. It is also known to be high on polyunsaturated fats and they should ideally be eaten in unsalted form.

Almonds too like walnuts offer a rich supply of omega-3s. They are ideal for those who do not like the bitter taste of walnuts.

Chia seeds
This superfood needs to be consumed in a single spoonful to provide the needed benefits. It comes packed with omega-3 fatty acids and hardly adds on any calories. It helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and prevents the build up of plaque. It can be consumed by mixing it in to your yogurt, soup or sprinkling in on your salad.

Oatmeal is a great food to eat if you wish to reduce cholesterol. However, it is important that you eat the non-processed variety for the best effects.

These amazing power packed berries are a great source of resveratrol and flavonoids that help prevent coronary disease.

There are so many other foods like coffee, red wine, green tea, soy milk, dark chocolate, raisins, apples, oranges and olive oil that can help keep your heart strong. Speak with you Registered Holistic Nutritionist to learn how you can include these foods in your diet and also speak with a Homeopath to learn how these amazing natural remedies can work towards keeping your heart healthy.