With time, may be not tomorrow, but in a few years, you are going to start experiencing some trouble with remembering things. The key to keeping your brain agile, is to keep it active. However, it is also important to eat right. Including a few foods in your diet that help promote brain health can indeed do you great good!

A few foods that you should include in your diet to achieve good health for your body and mind as you grow older are listed below:

Fatty Fish
Seafood like mackerel, salmon, albacore and sardines are known to be extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients all of which are essential for a healthy mind.

Try and consumer these fish at twice a week and you could be on your way to keeping your mind healthy for a long time

Cruciferous Veggies and Leafy Green
Fill your side dishes, stir-fries and salads with cauliflower, kale, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts and bok choy, if you wish to keep your mind active. These are extremely rich in anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and carotenoids that are plant compounds and play an important role in protecting the brain.

Try and include them as part of your daily diet to get positive results.

Nuts, Seeds, Avocado and Oils
Another very important antioxidant that can help promote good health is Vitamin E. Nuts, Oils, Avocados and Seeds are known to be a great source of this amazing antioxidant and promote brain health.

Dark chocolate is great for brain health. Flavonoids that are found in rich quantities in Dark Chocolate work towards promoting brain health. Other foods that too are rich in flavonoids include: apple, purple and red grapes, onions, tea, beer and red wine.

Get in touch with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist today to learn how you can include these foods in your daily diet for good health. You can also choose to get in touch with a Homeopath to learn how simple natural treatments can help keep your mind and body active. Always.