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Pediatric Migraines

A 6-year-old boy pseudotumor cerebri for treatment for migraine headaches was brought to my clinic. Symptom Headaches hurt on his forehead, vertex and slightly posterior of vertex, and temples.Feels like someone is squeezing the head and it’s going to crack3.5 years...

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Insomnia & Fatigue

Sept 23rd, 2019 A 31-year-old female with chronic insomnia came to the clinic.  Symptoms frequently waking up in the middle of the night and wakes out of a dream around 2-3 a.m. with a startle and is then agitated as if from arush of cortisol.Restless tossing in...

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Want glowing skin – stay hydrated

70% of the body is made up of water, every system in the body needs adequate amount of water to work optimally. Water plays a very essential role in blood circulation, digestion, absorption of nutrients and in the elimination of toxins as well. It helps keep the skin...

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How to choose the best Dark Chocolate

For those who cannot go a day without chocolate, but are ridden with guilt after devouring their fix, here’s some good news. Chocolate has a number of health benefits, the key ingredient of cocoa is known to help with achieving a slimmer waistline, improving heart...

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Health Benefits of Coconut water!

If you have been thinking about including the goodness of coconut water in your diet, you definitely should. The beverage is extremely popular all over the world and medical professionals are giving it a thumbs up. Don’t get confused with coconut milk, it is the water...

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Power Flow Yoga and its Amazing Benefits!

Some people consider yoga to be just a little bit of stretching, but there is a lot more to this ancient form of yoga than you can imagine. Power Flow Yoga will leave you dripping in sweat, ready to drift away into deep sleep and wake up to many health benefits....

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