April 23rd, 2019

A 46-year-old female started to feel sick with fever, digestive upset and vertigo once a week after a business trip. She describes her vertigo as strong and feels like the room is spinning. During dizziness, she feels off-balanced while walking and that she feels she will fall. She is hot due to fever, but hands are cold. Her vertigo intensifies as fever increases. Vertigo is worse: turning head while walking, looking downwards, rising from sitting and bending over (thus needs to keep head up straight). Vertigo is better: after lying for 5-10 with her head still. While sitting slowly moving head is okay. Her other complaint is that she has offensive axilla perspiration since being sick.

Prescribed: Spigelia 200c, 3 pellets 2x or 3x per day as needed for vertigo.

The next day reported significant improvement after only 2 doses. Fever is lessening and so is vertigo. Improved steadily over the next 2 weeks. After stopping symptoms started to return slowly.

Prescribed: Spigelia 1M

After 2 days patient informed that vertigo is completely gone.

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