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In the homeopathic system of medicine we have an division that concerns itself with the use the 12 tissues salts, that are in our body, to cure many common symptoms and illness of our patients. Doctor W. H. Schuessler an early nineteenth Century physiological chemist and physicist identified 12 “tissue salts” in every human cell. These tissue salts or “cell salts” are vital mineral constituents of the body. By combining with organic substances in the body they produce and maintain the health of the human tissue cells. Deficiency or imbalances of these cell salts could result in illness. Dr. Schuessler noted that lacking in any of these salts, a loss of health occurred and once the deficiency or imbalance was corrected the body could heal itself. It is important to note that the “Schuessler’s Bio chemic cell salts” are not drugs, but valuable micro dose cell foods prepared homoeopathically. This form ensures rapid and easy assimilation, for the speedy restoration of the natural balance of the body system. The use of the homeopathic tissue salts is not to cure deficiencies but to assist the body in there regulation. What does this mean to a common person. To illustrate the principle of regulation of the bodies tissue salts let me give you a simple example.

A patient of our was told that she was anaemic during her pregnancy, and thus she took iron, vitamin C and folic acid in her diet. However, after a few weeks she was tested and they found that she was anaemic even though she had increased her dieter intake by 50%. They test the blood and found the normal amounts of iron, vitamin C and folic acid. This did not make any sense to the allopathic doctors. She told her close friend (who is one of our patient) and her friend suggest to contact us at our clinic. After she came in we explained to her that the problem is that the body is not absorbing what in her blood and that is due to a combination of tissue salts. So we prescribed a homeopathic tissue salt in order for the iron to be absorbed and it to be regulated properly by the body. Her anaemic ailment disappeared after 1 week. We continued with the treatment for the entire duration of the pregnancy with regular check up with occasional use of tissue salts. These regular check up were conducted due to the patients own desire.

Each tissue salt covers their own area of benefit to human being. Here are a few:

Calc Flour. Relaxed conditions, muscular weakness, poor circulation, cracks in the skin.
Calc Phos. Ill-nourished states, indigestion, chilblains, lowered vitality.
Calc Sulph. Skin ailments, spots, pimples, and wounds that are slow to heal. Has a cleansing action.
Ferr. Phos. Respiratory ailments, inflammations and congestions, throbbing headaches


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