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You may remember the tsunami and earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. The Fukushima power plant was damaged and it was known that radiation had leaked into the environment. The incident may be in the past, but today, the health hazards are coming to the fore.

Radioactive water, has been leaking from the plant and there is a high possibility that they will reach US Coastal waters as well by 2014 and will be at a peak in 2016. Radioactive elements are being found in the food chain in Japan, and radioactive rain has been witnessed in California.

Radioactive isotopes have been found in rainwater at Minnesota and many other states as well, people are taking measures now to protect themselves from the effects these may have on health. While iodine supplements are one idea, there are number of other natural foods as well that can protect the body from the hazardous effects on radiation.

Foods that can help you protect your body from radiation, and make for a natural detox include:

  1. Wheat Grass
  2. Coconut oil
  3. Broccoli
  4. Apples (and other fruits rich in pectin)
  5. Horseradish
  6. Onions
  7. Spirulina
  8. Kale (and other leafy greens)
  9. Lemons
  10. Beets
  11. Parsley
  12. Sauerkraut
  13. Kelp
  14. Ginger
  15. Avocado
  16. Garlic
  17. Seaweed
  18. Chlorella
  19. Black / Green Tea

Speaking with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist can help you identify ways in which you can include these foods in your diet to stay protected from harmful radiation and you could also speak with a homeopath to learn about ways that can protect you and your family as well.

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