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Just a sprinkle of a few herbs in to your daily meals can keep you in the pink of health. You may not realize it, but every day as you age, your body starts weakening, and if you do not alter the way you eat and the way you live, you could be heading towards an unhealthy future.

There are very simple ways to stay healthy, and when you start identifying them and make them a part of your lifestyle, you could lead a healthy and fruitful life. Where there is health, there is wealth, so eat healthy and you will feel great.

A few herbs that are listed below are packed in the world’s healthiest vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Sprinkle them upon your meals and you will be eating to good health every day. While some are paired best with certain kind of meals, you could find out more by speaking to a registered holistic nutritionist to learn how you can make them a more intrinsic part of your diet for healthy living.

Thyme is one of the most commonly used medicinal herbs. It is ideal for curing colds and killing germs. However, do not just bring it out from your medicine cabinet when you find the need, keep it in your kitchen as well. Just two teaspoons of this magical herb can fill you in with 20% of the iron your body requires in a day. Manganese that is a necessary mineral to boost brain function and assists in healthy skin, cartilage and bone formation too is an important component of thyme.

Thyme goes well with pasta and pizza sauces; you can put it in salad dressing, chicken, stews, fish and eggs as well.

Parsley offers a number of health benefits. Two teaspoons of parsley are known to fuel more that 150% of your body’s Vitamin K requirement. Vitamin K helps in proper bone formation, plays a vital role in blood clotting and helps in assisting liver function. Parsley is great to keep your mouth fresh as well. Parsley goes beautifully with fresh vegetables and salads.

Lemon Grass
The smell of lemon grass itself is intoxicating, and it has a host of health benefits too. It is not only a culinary delight, often used in South East Asian cuisine, but is world renowned for its natural medicine capabilities as well. Its ability to relieve muscle cramps, fever, headaches and upset stomachs, make it a great herb. It is rich in antioxidants and helps the body fight against cancer and heart disease. It goes well with fish, beef and chicken.

If you do not wish to use too many herbs, then the one herb that you cannot afford to leave out is oregano. Oregano is known to contain more than 20% of cancer fighting antioxidants as compared to other herbs. Just one teaspoon of oregano, has more antioxidants as compared to one whole apple. Compared to berries, it beats blueberries too. Oregano marries well with seafood, vinaigrettes and tomato sauces.

Grilled meats are a real treat on a warm summer day. However charred meat has a number of cancer causing compounds like HCAs (heterocyclic amines) that are formed by exposing meat to hot flames. However, when you cook these meats with rosemary, it can lower the level of HCAs by almost 60 – 80%. Use rosemary while grilling potatoes, lamp, pork, chicken or vegetables and it pairs well with eggs too.

A few herbs can indeed make all the difference. If you like gardening a small herb garden in your back yard will be a great addition to your life too. Speak with your holistic nutritionist and homeopath and they too will fill you in about the additional goodness that these power packed herbs can bring in to your life.

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