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Today, with advancements in technology, you, the neighbor’s dog and me as well have become extremely lazy. We cringe to get up and change the channel when we cannot find the remote control, going to the post office to send a parcel is a task, because sending mail is now available at the click of a button and since everything has become so easy, a majority of us have started putting on weight because we do not want to move our back sides to do absolutely anything.

So, what do we do, we spend hours on end looking for ideas that will help us lose weight, without really engaging in any physical exercise. You can be rest assured, that you will find a million half-baked ideas all over the place, however, if you honestly want to lose weight, you have to first stop looking for quick fixes, and start looking at lifestyle changes that can help. Do not listen to self proclaimed ‘health experts’ as their advice can indeed lead you on to making mistakes that you will truly regret.

Instead consult a holistic nutritionist, who will understand your body type, will ask you about your lifestyle, take every aspect of your life into consideration and give you advice that will truly help you lose weight and stay healthy. However, what you should know is that the advice anyone gives you is not going to manifest in spectacular results overnight and you have to be patient and persistent to finally achieve what you want.

However, today we are going to talk about a few common mistakes that people fall for when they look for ideas on how to lose weight. Read on to learn, what you should avoid and what you could make a part of your lifestyle to lose weight the healthy way. When you park your hopes on advice that is really not going to work, you may end up wasting a lot of time and effort and in the long run, you are really not going to make a dent in your weight loss goals.

Trap 1: Cut Calories – Lose weight – Not the Right Way to Go!

Common advice that you will find online and advice that even friends will give you, “Why don’t you cut down on your calories, it really worked for my sister’s husband.” Everybody’s body works differently and honestly cutting down on calories to a level that does not suit it is not advisable. Women need at least 1800 calories in a day and men need at least 2600 calories just to maintain their body’s daily functional needs. Dropping below 1200 calories can affect your health adversely and not give impetus to your weight loss goals. Your body needs a set amount of nutrients to function at optimum levels, and if you deprive your system of what it needs, you are not going to be able to meet your weight loss goals; in fact you are only going to affect your health.

Trap 2: Health Halos are Good!

Vegan Diets, Organic desserts, health supplements, diet sodas, fat free flavored yogurt and so many more health halos can trap you into believing that consuming these foods is going to help you lose weight. Well, do not fall for these promises, as while they may contain, low fat, more fiber and less calories, your body is not getting the level of nutrition that it need. Another reason why these health halos are only going to make your weight loss plans suffer is because, since you think that these foods are not ‘fatty’ you can consume a little more than you should, and therefore eventually you end up eating more and at odd hours, when your body is not really ready to digest the excess food.

Trap 3: Say ‘No’ to Carbs

You will come across tis advice in a number of health blogs and you will also find this information dispensed freely by people who have somehow managed to lose weight with little effort – “Just cut carbs from your diet, and I promise you, you will lose weight!”. Just a little research, and you will know that this is possibly the worst advice you could get.

Cutting a whole group of nutrients from your diet is definitely an idea you should side track and not even consider. While cutting down on carbs consumption to a certain level can help, cutting it out completely from your diet is not advisable.

Trap 4: Eat late at Night – Put on Weight!

Since most of the advice out there is not justified, people tend to believe anything just because it is written under the ‘Weight Loss’ category. When you find advice on ‘Not eating Late at Night, you need to understand what it means. It does not mean that since you have come back home late after work, that you cannot eat at a certain hour. This tip, stems from the idea that people come back home, grab a snack, eat dinner, watch TV and continue to watch TV, keeping their mouths busy all the time. The trick is not to ‘not eat, if you have skipped your meal time’ but to not indulge in so many snack breaks. You could very well eat at night; just make sure that it is the only meal.

Respect your body, understand what it needs and do not deprive it of essential nutrients and minerals that help it perform better. Speak with a holistic nutritionist and find out how you can take prudent steps towards losing weight and not your mind.



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