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In some households it is traditional to serve you something sour when you are invited over for lunch or dinner. Lemonade such as. While most of them will not know that this will help kill your appetite and you will eat less food. That’s how the tradition of serving something sour started, today however, it only considered a refreshment, without the knowledge that hosts are actually crushing the appetite of their guests. Some cultures will serve something sweet, which also works towards cutting ones appetite.

Amla when consumed during fasting will help curb hunger pangs. When you do not eat, digestive juices tend to play up and will cause you to vomit. When you eat amla these juices will settle. Just one amla can keep you going for a few hours. Simply chew on it.

Amla helps keep a check on your digestive juices and keeps your hunger pangs down and stay healthy. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist or get in touch with a Homeopathic Practitioner to learn how you can stay healthy while you fast.



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