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People who stress themselves carry the poison of anger with them all the time are more likely to encounter ill health as compared to people who have a brighter outlook to life and can control their anger and remain calm even in a storm.

So, how do you manage your anger, why do people vary so much from one and another and how can emotions affect one’s health? These questions are all inter related and therefore, if you do have anger issues, it s important that you consult a therapist and learn how you can control it, not only to keep your health in check but also to protect the relationships around you.

A few ways in which you can work towards controlling your anger are as follows:

Stress Relief
You have to work towards inculcating a stress busting activity in your life. When you are stressed, you tend to get frustrated and therefore lose control over your anger and feelings. You could even participate in some yoga indeed keep a peaceful mind.

Step Back
Try not to get in to heated discussions. When you think that you are just about to start something that is going to lead you to say bad things and make hurtful decisions, you should simply step back and try to look at the situation from a clearer perspective.

Big Picture
When people get angry they start digging old graves. And, that’s not good. Try to focus on the problem at hand and consider the big picture. Do not lose sight. When you do this, you can evaluate the relationship and make the right decisions.

Pay heed to the consequences
Before saying anything to anyone, know what the consequences are going to be. Do not lose focus and do not forget about the consequences that can make a great impact on your life negatively.

So, pay attention to your anger and pay attention to your health. Speak with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to find out more about foods that can play an important role in keeping you happy. A homeopath too can help you with natural remedies for a peaceful mind, body and soul.


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