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Sugar addiction is not as uncommon as you think. In fact, a lot of people may not even realize that they are addicted to sugar until someone brings it to their notice. Consuming more sugar than what your body requires can indeed be detrimental to your overall health and therefore, recognizing signs and making efforts to curtail your sugar cravings is an absolute must.

A few signs that you should watch out for are detailed below:

1. Food Cravings and consumption
More often than not, you may not even be hungry, but you simply cannot help the urge to dive in to that pastry, or open up that can of soda and guzzle it because your cravings seem to take over.

2. You are worried about cutting down on food
You almost get a panic attack when someone tells you that it is time that you cut down on certain foods because it is affecting your physical and mental health. It could be a close friend, a relative or even your doctor.

3. You get tired and feel slightly sluggish after you go on a binge
Binging does not fill you with energy, but it makes you feel tired and extremely sluggish.

4. Effects on your health and social life
When your eating habits, especially related to sugar laden eating habits start affecting your health as well as your social life, you know you are heading down the wrong path.

5. More and more
Your mood is highly guided by these cravings and you feel that you simply cannot go on if you do not indulge your cravings and give in to the foods that you really feel like eating.

Sugar addiction is known to be an addiction similar to that faced by drug addicts. It may not be as sever, but it goes down the same brain pathways. So, if you are addicted to sugar, it is important that you seek professional help, and may be look at other alternatives that can give you the same high without affecting your health.

Speak with a registered holistic nutritionist to learn how honey and other foods can provide you the same levels of energy that sugar bestows you with. Also, speak with a homeopath to learn about herbal remedies that will help you get over your sugar addiction.

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