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If you look back and think about super market shelves 5 years ago, and look at them now, you will see a clear distinction, and that will be the presence of organic foods in the food section.

People are rapidly becoming conscious about the lifestyles they lead and are quickly taking on healthier options for a good life. There are a number of reasons why you should consider switching to organic foods and below we discuss just some of them.


Organic food is known to contain way less pesticides as compared to the non organic variety. Pesticides in normal food are known to be one of the leading causes of illness amongst kids like ADHD and autism. Pesticide residues, higher than permissible levels are found very often on no organically grown produce.

When you consume organic foods, you are automatically consuming less pesticide. This leads to a reduction of 90% of pesticide exposure.

Superbug Infections

It is known certain superbugs that are antibiotic resistant in inorganic foods can cause fatal illnesses. When farmers use too many antibiotics during the farming process, it could lead to the development of hard to kill infections.

Organic meat will not contain these superbugs, as the process of organic form does not allow use of antibiotics.

Poison Rain

Powerful and dangerous chemicals found in pesticides today can indeed have a greatly negative impact on one’s health. Even exposure to tiny amounts of certain chemicals could cause issues in fertility, cancer and a number of other fatal problems. Today, farmers tend to spray so much of these chemicals, and most of it escapes into the air and pour down on people in the form of poison rain.

When you consume organic foods you are not only making use of produce that is grown without chemicals but the process also ensures that the community’s resource like water and air remain in the clear.

These are indeed just a few reasons why you should not eat inorganically grown produce. If you are worried about your budget, then you should read the list of the dirty dozen, which gives you a list of the 12 foods that should not be consumed if grown inorganically because the levels of pesticides are too high. The clean thirteen list educates you on foods that could be consumed even of grown inorganically as they are relatively clean and may contain permissible pesticide levels that are safe.

You should also get in touch with a homeopath to further learn what foods should be a part of your diet to help you fight the effects of inorganically grown produce. Speaking with a homeopath too may fill you up with ideas that can help you lead a highly nutritious healthy life.

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